You are a great actor, one of the best.. hope you will be more choosy on your next role.. Saranghee Oppa... Princess Feb 19 2015 7:27 am so kissable. dorsky lee Feb 06 2014 8:13 am u r an amazing actor wish u the best :) tc :) goodbless u dong wook gdluckkkkkk <3!!!!! LDW i looooove you to the moon and back! WOW VERY HOT, I LOVE HIS ACTING WITH LEE DA HAE IN ''MY GIRL'' HE IS SO HANDSOME AND VERY TALENTED, Priyanka Dec 22 2013 10:16 am Vanessa Jun 23 2017 9:53 am Good choice by the director and producer. Just date each other pleaseeeee!!! Hope to see u soon or come to Egypt =) Wookiii , Saranghaeyo ^^. All your fans in the Philippines really misses you a lot! Sinced from my girl drama series I felt proud of him☺️☺️☺️He's really a versatile I wish to see him in person.God bless and more project to come.bravo hotel king Lee dong wook. They are absolutly fantastic together. Wish they could be a real life couple. I really love to watch the way he act, Raifa Oct 29 2020 7:53 am We Tested 2 Popular Lip And Cheek Tints And Found Our Fave! homa Jun 20 2014 1:32 am lee dong wook your so my idol . I can't get enough of your shows. Goblin's bride Dec 13 2016 7:33 am !this is the first time i m watching a foreign language drama ....n i found thr cud be no other drama better than this ......gong chan shi was the best in thr n ju yoo rin yo guys :):):)keep rocking<3<3<3<3.. ria Jul 21 2012 6:02 am First saw Goblin and absolutely loved the bromance between Grim Reaper and Kim Shin. Lee Dong-wook always makes a good impression and looks good in front of the media, especially his fans. Anyong dong wook oppa, I really love u because your acting is all out n of course u is one of the handsome man for me. after my girl end and I watching coffe prince and I'm falling in love with Gong Yoo too. Didn’t imagine falling in love with him ! OMG, he is perfect!!!!!!, Shengski Unnie Nov 08 2020 6:18 am I'm your fan !! I always waiting your next drama.. chyna Sep 21 2014 3:52 pm one of the finest korean actor and i may say the best. Lee Dong Wook is a great actor and absolutely gorgeous. I hope that he and Park Bom can really start something lasting. Asceh Aug 03 2014 11:14 pm wild romance is your best drama ever! better in formal or informal suits. He was at the Givenchy fashion show, dressed in a dapper brown suit and black shirt that gave him a super classy vibe. Whoaa. A player who develops himself and tries to do good work. I was particularly delighted to see Lee Sang-Woo in this. I love you so much and you are so amazing in so many ways. i started to like you when i watched my are perfect in every single way. Roseeee Oct 14 2020 8:44 am Like he doesnt has any flaws. lee dong wook oppa... i'm from indonesia. That said, if you want to go further into your exploration on all things Dong Wook, you’re in luck because this seasoned actor already has a vast repertoire of memorable and compelling TV series under his belt. I am trying to watch all of his drama series and movies. Exceptional and most handsome actor , bravo , he develops his characters to its extreme edge as the show progresses . My most favourite character the grim reaper, excellent actor, it has been a joy to watch him on screen. I hope u and da hae will pair up again in another drama. ^___^ <3, nana Jun 23 2014 9:41 am Haeng Ah’s parents died when she was young, and she was taken in and raised by Ri Hwan’s wealthy family. He is just too handsome and a great actir. MoonA Aug 09 2020 11:42 am :P Well see you in my vacation ! JulySnow Dec 22 2016 9:52 am Could stare at this face all day long.. xoxo. First time to watch him in "Hotel King" Seeing how he performs his character I Was interest in his other dramas. I am his new fan. Your smile is killing us. In order to get her career back and land a role for a major movie, a disgraced actress prepares for her character by gaining experience at a real law firm as the secretary of a prickly attorney, as played by Dong Wook. this psycho character is just ha has in mygod i fell inlove with him he is so talented. Kodi Dec 25 2014 3:17 pm Norik , Baboorian Checkosky May 19 2020 6:06 am Lee Dong-wook’s full filmography: There’s a World Off the Beaten Path (1999) [Drama] Lee Dong-wook made his acting debut in this one-episode MBC drama special. Though I only watched a few of his works he deserves recognition from the industry. Jets May 05 2019 9:44 am ash Jun 02 2015 9:25 am annie from Philippines ?? we miss you. During your rage scenes I thought instantly to Public Enemies. Annyeongkaseyo my love <3, May Htet Myet Aung @ Victoria Aug 24 2013 4:33 am You are so kind, humble, handsome. i'm soo addicted to you Lee Dong Wook.. i love so much your drama series "My Girl.. hoping that you will do more movies and drama series.. i'm your number 1 fan here in philippines.. keep up the good wok, more blessings to come and god bless you always.. heyho Aug 09 2014 12:46 am $44.89. roshanz arquee Sep 01 2014 7:23 am My Goblin. I really love wookie oppa, he can acting very well, can sing very well and very sweet with his fans. You are amazing, I always cry when you're so sad or happy <3 I hope you stay healthy and safe filming (underway now), 이동욱 / LDW! LDW Fighting! omo my he♥rt! Nada Aug 24 2018 9:56 am Watch Lee Dong-wook Movies and Series Online Free at, download Lee Dong-wook Movies from for free in full hd The supporting cast is also great. His acting is superb in the Hotel King. Alyssa Rello Aug 27 2014 1:50 am He did great at Strangers From Hell. madelyn Dec 08 2011 11:27 pm Kelly Y. Sep 02 2020 8:37 pm aul Oct 02 2016 2:26 pm LOVE YOU SO.. MUCH......................................... Donna Jul 23 2014 3:08 pm Omairah Feb 05 2014 7:25 pm Shizaf Dec 22 2014 11:01 am Hi! He looks like him, a bit. Great actor his masterpiece for me for ever will be hotel king. More project for him plsss.. #leedongwooksaranghae ? "Mahal Kita!" Since it was my first time to see that movie, which was starred by Lee dong Wook and Kim sun ah . I watched Ur Serial "My Girl". Lovely Faithful Peña Nov 06 2017 7:05 pm Regz Sep 21 2016 12:16 pm Hope to see more comedy/drama of you. The story line is interesting and the actor are marvelous more especially lead actor and actress. Oppa aneong;) cant wait for the new upcoming tv series "The iron man" How can he be so perfect? Now watching Blade Man and have become fans. I hope the two get paired together again. Misery Nov 25 2020 12:58 pm hi dong wook im ur super addict fan from the PHILIPPINES im so happy u have urnew movie with da hae and i hope ur relationship continous for real and end up together like other korean actors and actress who got married recently... love u both, Em Jul 19 2014 12:20 am They are explosive on screen and just feed so well off each other on screen that I can't get enough. i just hope that you will do another drama. I hope she has recovered too.. Only 4 left in stock - order soon. He looks so handsome. I love your acting soooo much.!!!!! I Will be waiting for itttt!!!!! maria Sep 21 2014 9:35 pm ? And actually now. Shia May 03 2020 6:51 am LDW you are so handsome. I was very impressed and this sounded exaggerated. So sweet when i see u i just forget my own world. i love you ,lee dong wook; Simone Oct 04 2014 12:42 pm youre my life, Hayam Sep 05 2013 8:31 pm But please somebody change his pic. Oppa saranghae!!!! God bless you always. Haeng Ah works as a radio producer. Mr. Lee dong wook. and know after watching goblin Im falling in love again with both, lee dong Wook and gong yoo. Its 2016 and I am still in love with this total package called Lee Dong Wook who is an amazing actor, killer looks, thorough gentleman and great human being. I can't help but admire your acting skills and your beautiful smile and those red lips of yours. Lee dong wook. Really!! // KOREA-Series ซีรี่ย์เกาหลี > Because Lee Dong Wook Wants To Talk > รายการ Because Lee Dong Wook Wants To Talk (อีดงอุค) ซับไทย Ep.1-8 :), AV Jun 10 2014 5:23 pm What i would give to spend a day with you. I thought he was in his 20s....koreans are really something how? Hope to see more of your movies soon! These photos just prove how versatile she is as an actress. It does not hurt that he is devastatingly attractive! Am serious ur like d best Asian actor nd I just started watching u movies, ur even better than Jet li, and d rest. <3. Waw,. Also although a lot of girls would be sad, I really hope that you would find the right "GIRL" for you someday. Luckygirl Nov 24 2014 4:09 am you're so lovable in my girl, hot in scent of a man and so addicting in wild romance. but what better comic relief than an immortal goblin (with perfect abs and chest assuming the goblin is Gong Yoo :P) wanting to end his existence but the angel of death (unless the love story they promoted is goblin dudes, Kim Go Eun) having amnesia... after so many heavy, death-plentiful shows with a mix of crying and fear and generally being overwhelmed in a good way, whatever on earth or in the universe they have Lee Dong Wook playing/doing, it certainly will be refreshing and thankfully not so heart-stabbing like Bubblegum! he is my first love in korean drama. <#. yeah! Hope to see you in more comedies! Cynthia Nov 03 2014 4:33 pm I could look at this Oppa all day. i finished watching your drama for this year " The Fugitive of Joseon " , so beautiful one as usual... LOVE YOU DONG WOOK, jonalyn Jun 27 2014 12:34 am Waiting for another movie or krama.till next time oppa.#fighting, yes Jan 23 2017 7:24 pm His long, solitary life is shaken up when he eventually crosses paths with Nam Ji Ah, a television producer currently working on a show that investigates urban myths. Superb acting with sad eyes. These coffee shops are definitely worth the drive! I love him so much that I wouldnt want him to be involved. My Girl bercerita tentang kisah cinta Gong Chan (Lee Dong Wook) yang bermula dari kontrak. ness May 16 2017 11:40 am Your So Very Handsome :)) W4GRB.user_rating[1]=0; Visit Preview Magazine's profile on Pinterest. dido Aug 27 2017 6:44 am she's only belong to Song Seung Hun! May you have more dramas and movies starting 2018 and beyond. and actually, you don't look Korean.. only a little bit... Kim Dec 16 2014 3:34 pm Love you!!! updatebox(1,W4GRB.average_rating[1]); It is my first time to watch a Korean drama a laugh from the begin to the end. Len Sep 21 2013 8:01 am You were a cute couple with Song Ji Hyo. By gilmorealtomare. Such a fantastic actor : ). + long hair suits him so well!!! His acting in "Strangers from Hell" brought a side to him that I never knew. it's my first time I really really love my idol, it comes to you. He was really cool.. hai..oppa dong wook.. Whether he is playing a rom/com or melodrama, he plays his part perfectly. I'm dying to see you oppa, can u please visit me here in the Philippines? Thanks for sharing your gift. smiletere15 Oct 30 2014 8:50 pm Oppa fighting. Your Kdrama really touched my heart!❤️ I’m looking forward for more projects for you and Yoo In Na soon. do u have european blppd. jihyobae Jan 07 2017 12:57 pm watching roommate makes me fall for you more, i love you aaaah, you have very charming personality, now i understand why you have that reputation as an actor, you also high like others who get lead character, you are not someone who will boast what they achieved, you are humble and you know how to get along with the others even they have different personalities, i love you in all of your shows/movie as an actor specially hotel king but i love you more as a person in roommate, it shows the person identity and behavior without any script. For Yoo-rin to act as Gong-chan’s cousin and his grandfather’s long-lost granddaughter. You'd have to be a moron not to love her and find her utterly cute. i hope to c u soon lee dong wook. but I do love you in funny character, WILD ROMANCE.. Work with Ha Ji Won please.. Follow actors to get notifications and filter by them in top charts. Wishing you more blessings and more dramas so we can watch you again. I really love Hotel King, he's wonderful in comedy and drama. Saranghe oppa hopefully I can go to south Korea n see u in personal. Find out more here. My first love korean actor. Hey!! In love! Lee Dong Wook you're such an amazing actor. This hot stuff is my newest life ruiner. nj Jan 17 2017 1:16 am Jii Pretty 04 Aug 18 2014 9:06 am Pgirl13 Oct 11 2020 10:27 am Can’t wait to watch your new drama!! His beautiful eyes carry so much emotion. Wish you more movies, dramas and commercials in the future. Wookie looks perfect in a suit..Hotel King Daebak!!! I'm currently watching My Girl, and I love this show as it is funny and the pace is not boring; Dong-Wook is a terrific actor in this series. Lee started to gain recognition with his performance in School 3. He is currently 39 years old. Ann Dec 31 2016 5:33 am And some of my bias before were in it. my heart melts?❤️❤️❤️❤️ i hope yoo in-na would be your forever loveeeeeeeeee. jaghn Nov 25 2011 4:13 am Currently, he has transformed into a gumiho (mythical nine-tailed fox in Korean folklore) in tvN’s ongoing romantic-fantasy drama Tale of … I always love him. I am not a korean but I eagerly want u to visit our country I am always your fan !Thanks, diamond Jul 26 2013 6:25 am omg!! After I saw "My Girl" I was captivated by his amazing acting. stay healthy oppa and always happy. $57.99. I love you,lee dong wook, Bidan Desa Feb 06 2020 8:49 pm Unconditional love and support ^^, ab432 Jun 12 2014 8:42 am Every time I see him I think he should win an award and it’s his best, then the next I watch along and he shines even better again, , in goblin, I thought he stole the show , then I saw , hotel king, were he just got illuminated , then I watched , strangers from hell , where I’m in awe . Forced to live under one roof, their plan hits a snag when they find themselves catching feelings for each other. He has a very cute smile and such beautiful lips he has. //]]>, Mail (required but will not be published), jonginie Jan 23 2021 12:18 pm I knew Lee Dong Wook since My Girl. I'm sure, given a chance any artist would want to do the scene in another given a second chance. His smile is contagious as well. But I most likely prefer to watch you on tv drama or comedy or romantic comedy!! the first time I watching Lee dong wook drama is my girl when I was in elementary school 10 years ago. I really like Lee Dong-Wook. Wishing him all success for Goblin as the Sexy grim reaper. hes soooo adorable when he smiles! because i can like him, as a 28 years old woman, not a 13 years old girl. and the most Handsome korean actor ? ❤ ❤ ❤, amalia Jul 17 2014 3:19 am :))) <3 U :DD, ellen Oct 11 2011 7:54 am I also have same birthday with him bu in a different year.. of course he is older than me but i am still proud of that fact.. too many similarities made me want to watch more of his drama n movie.. wish u luck for ur career... betterdk May 19 2015 2:17 am //]]>, //