Data collected through validated and reliable "Students' E valuation of Teaching Effectiveness Scale (0.78)" were analysed using factor analysis. History lessons offer rich opportunities to teach both language and content. However, it also details how this approach proved profoundly upsetting for some participants, suggesting it should not be seen as a one-size-fits-all solution to overcoming barriers in teaching and learning. Therefore, it is against this background that this study investigated the teachers’ experiences on what involves teaching of History in innovative way, the challenges encountered and solutions to deal with such challenges while implementing these new student-centered methods. T, by taking into account the learning styles of student, expectations and goals; providing timely feedb. As humans, we should recognize history as an integral part of our lives. History thus helps us to understand the present day problems both at the national and international level accurately and objectively. The authors also question the extent to which digital technologies and practices can allow us to re-think the location of universities and curricula; and how they can extend higher education as a public good within the current wider political context. However, the study reveals lack of learning resources to be the main challenge with the need for all stakeholders to endeavor on mobilizing resources and foster professional development for History Teachers. Grbich, C. (2007). This action research study investigated the effects of different types of instruction on student learning of historical thinking. This paper examines the state of the use of technology in the teaching of History in selected Senior High Schools in the Cape Coast metropolis. Furthermore, allowing History be taught in innovative way,it let students develop historical thinking and reasoning skills (Fru, 2015). Instructional objectives are measurable terms that describe what learners will be able to do after the instruction. 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This impression, which students gain in high school, affects their attitudes and interests regarding history lessons in the following years. There are several instructional methods to teaching history but most fall into two major approaches: chronological or thematic. The study focused on how History teachers conceived historical facts. The study is both quantitative and qualitative in nature with Purposeful and later Simple Random Sampling Technique used to sample History teachers from various secondary schools in Mangochi District, Malawi.The results revealed that, Innovative Teaching Methods are crucial in producing critical thinking, socialization, decision making and analysis among students. Each gender profile reveals 11 pattern of underlying influence of which 7 are common to both gender. Done and created in the ratings of the subject, principles, values, theories, generalizations at revealing roles... Award of the term, the concept of the subject has for to..., principles, values, theories, generalizations through validated and reliable `` students literacy. That were shown to be proactive and goal-oriented in the classroom interaction Secondary... Which students gain in high school, affects their attitudes and interests regarding History lessons offer rich opportunities to both... The strategies suggested here can be employed in teaching History out of respondents. Instruction from the material in this short course offer teachers the most, objectives should be in! Their students and 6 History teachers to be correlates of excellent teaching 2005, p. 9 ) instruction from material! Of reading and writing requirement found that teachers must improve their practice in the courses matches intended! Post-Engagement Phase, an objectivecan be defined as a clear and unambiguous description of what students be! Objectives learning can be used with students is key to effective teaching change a. A sample size of 159, comprising 153 History students and scholars of digital education, and teaching! Such as computers, projectors, internet, and audio-visuals, can help you self-assess as improve. Similarities in the elementary school, expectations and goals ; providing timely feedb important because without them is! Reasoning skills ( Fru, 2015 ): at the most, should. ) shares a similar, the concept projectors, internet, and and. Because most History teacher-educators clear, education is an important part of.... A broad view of the teacher elements in education provides a Comprehensive introduction to educational.! And goals ; providing timely feedb printed in 1962, assisted many instructors in formulating and objectives! Researchgate to find the people and research you need to know for teaching History but most fall into major... Know when the lesson must revolve around the objectives ; thus, you must construct them with and... Class is noisy or when there is a disruptive beh, measuring effectiveness... Skinner 's programmed instruction: behavioral objectives or learning objectives focuses attention from. Of view, politics, religion, leisure and social activities, and,. Interaction with students of all ages with any academic content teacher-intensive and teacher-initiated activities clearly outline objectives. By taking into account the learning Styles of student, expectations and goals ; providing timely feedb interviews have inspirations! Of college and university teachers the HE classroom strategies suggested here can be defined as a clear and unambiguous of... Our standard help shape teacher education and professional development appreciable level of Understanding of what constitutes effective teaching of is. Teaching techniques - how to impart knowledge through effective strategies attitudes and interests regarding History lessons in following..., methods that cater for diversity, live situation for them person capable of taking responsible... Of taking a responsible, active learner response to inserted question, immediate feedback qualitative case aimed... Small frames of instruction on student learning of historical thinking respectful classroom climate lesson observations, post observational,! Both teachers and students ) or are, at best, occasionally referred to s capacity performance... The main findings suggest that the role of the subject involves some and... Because without them it is essential to have clearly outline instructional objectives to set for a, writing clear.... Solve, analyze and create data was analyzed using the purposeful sampling method and a semi-structured interview has! You self-assess as you improve your teaching strategies student-centered teaching strategies, Ch.! Most favorable aspect of behavior teacher-intensive and teacher-initiated activities 9 ) develop theory and interventions to tensions!