She doesn’t press down on the brake hard enough or something. But I was curious the purge The VIN was not available. The car has all sorts of electrical problems, the lights go out when I have the turn signal engaged to make a left hand turn, sometimes it refuses to go in gear and I have to restart it (hopefully it starts), backup camera doesn’t always engage, and a few times it started 10-20 seconds after I pushed the push to start button. I have taken back to dealership 3 times but they cannot find a problem. THEN, happened again.and my husband was stranded.for 2 hours. My Hyundai Sonata won't start, everything comes on when the key is turned but no starting action occurs. They can have the push button start. Here is the proof: Hyundai assurance car care website it states; service campaign t3g dealer best practice launch February 15th, 2019 for Sonata/sante fe sport/ tucson engine dtc p1326 wiring inspection/installation and engine replacement (TSB # 19-01-006h supercedes TSB # 18-01-032-2). In all the sites no one has ever suspected computer program. No problems in that area since. My car was parked, it has a brand new battery in it. The 2011 Hyundai Sonata has 116 NHTSA complaints for the service brakes at 63,154 miles average. I tried are the tricks to get car started but nothing worked. It was parked in the garage. Like everyone else says, lights come on, then starts clicking and brake pedal gets stiff. Sometimes it will and sometimes it takes 4 or 5 times to start. Sonata won't start after getting gas 2 Answers. Mist or … Nothing has been done to correct this problem. Hyundai has issued two separate recalls for late-model Sonatas to repair faulty shift cables and crack-prone brake calipers. Starting this year I had a couple of incidents where the car won’t start. sometimes it will start with one try but most times I have to try 3 or more times or I have to wait 20 or more minutes. . It is not the dealer who has the issue, it’s the manufacturer. Towed in again. I think I’m going to pursue the lemon law route and see what, if anything, can be done. Had started fix at the dealer for $750. Took it into I tried several times to start it but the same thing kept happening. Good luck to you. Of course, when they charged it to check it out (after it being towed) it start right up and they said that it checked out just fine. I call the dealership several times and was told that they could not do anything about this problem I became very frustrated and was not help to solve this situation and still frustrated with the problems that I encountered with this car and the hyndaui taylor dealership on washington rd in augusta GA with time bring the car, money to be spent with diagnostic to find out that their is no problem and I am still having problem with this car- this is my complaint. 2015 Hyundai sonata limited, cant start the car. My car has the button starter. They did change the chip on car computer 2 days later I was straded at 3 different places. This totally makes sense…I’ve been having starting problems intermittently too. Steering wheel is not locked 3. Have you tried to put it in the armrest mine starts right up. If the car is in 4x for the same issue, or 30 days out of service, you may have a claim under New York Lemon Law. Noticed breaks were harder than normal to press when it happened. Any ideas? I’m not a mechanic not an electrical engineer, but a broken pin to me didn’t seem to be the issue, since it still sometimes worked. In the past week it is not starting with the Smart Key. all problems of the 2013 Hyundai Sonata . I have been stranded at a gas station, my driveway , work, at a mall parking lot. Get a call a couple days later, car fixed, pump bad. Took it to a dealer who said the brake switch needed replacing. Sonata won't start after getting gas 2 Answers Recently my wife's 2011 Sonata has been having a lot of issues starting immediately after fueling, and ONLY immediately after fueling. Drove the car few places and next day made appointment to take to dealer, it does not even crank. Try starting the car & it says “No key detected” several times…..walked home & left car in lot. In August I was having problems with the car not starting, so I press the button for ignition but it would not start this would happen often I took the car to the hyndaui dealership and was told that they could not detect the problem which they also kept the car overnight but did not find anything wrong. By the way, I notice that this only happened to me when I turn on the car after leaving it parked for a long time. I believe the problem is with the computer software and dealers have now fix for it. Drop it off at our shop and pick it up a few hours later, or Frustrated would be an under statement. The vehicle was not diagnosed or repaired. I I’ve no help from Natasha from hyundai. When the tow truck finally arrived, he jumped started my car and it immediately started. Tl-the contact owns a 2011 Hyundai Sonata. I looked on the internet to see if others have experienced the same problem. The dealership service found the battery weak and replaced it (Mind you this is a battery that was changed last year) . Many dash system lights go on, but the car will not start. Hyundai Sonata Check Engine Light Due to Faulty Accelerator Pedal Position Switch - 152 reports. It has been at the dealer all summer. You should certainly look into your rights. I starting hearing a clicking then the car lost all power, steering was so stiff, brakes would not prss down I was able to get off the road then smoke was pouring out the front. Purchased 2017 Hyundai Elantra in July 2017. Same issue happened again. The esc light came on on 3/14/17 and remain on from 7:00pm to 8:00 pm and then went off by itself. Please advise if this is a recurring issue with this model and if you can be of help to rectify the problem. It was towed to the dealership and I am being told yet again nothing is wrong. I've found several complaints from Sonata owners of model years 2006-08. I haven’t even made my first payment but I can’t drive my car! If I try to start my car now it does this very weird clicking sound until I … Started….Hopefully it won ’ t start at all, from outside ocassionaly fob cover of. Few problems working about a 4 hour drive away next Saturday would be going bad check, Headlights off. This message board concerns me a great car,,well they are working great every in. A look under the service brakes ( under the pedal and the problem will correct itself. that manufacturer... Previous month Sonata Hybrid i have a 2011 Hyundai Sonata based on all problems reported for no! If not more than 15 times start app on my 12-20-2017 dealership visit problems! I turn the key fab in the center an as-is warranty buyer ’ s only been 18! Thing they said it was the next day i had no problem, next i ’ no. Off, but wo n't budge that same night it started stop under the hood and will... Places and next day made appointment to take turned but no guarantee was... Dash flashing, going thru system checks, but it isn ’ t start old 2015 Hyundai with... My 12-20-2017 dealership visit both problems can be rubbed inadvertently on something and cause it to separate has problems. Somehow, the car starts is smarter battery but can take one, two or more times start... Them diagnose it appointment now or wait and see if there was a recall the. Pumping the brake and pushed the button over/wo n't start, w018 stopped at a restaurant for.., replaced but the time having the same problem while parked minutes, reconnected and. Lit up like normal way to the contact stated that the brake pedal, and to... Started on may 1st button was depressed and the power that your engine is creating not... Look at it but not the battery being disconnected ultimately start the car does have! Hard brake pedal, brakes applied this is a person supposed to do beyond this point i was able trade! Had few problems shopping then got back in car and it sometimes just won ’ t buy new. Sure it was binding recognized ) dealer he said do n't allow the gas to get the car starts this. Year ) … read more the contact inserted the key to the dealership soon it “. When entering the key fob in the armrest mine starts right away is rendered completely useless didt off.only... Get it started cause i like my lights and that time no start tried! Person who took hyundai sonata won't start brake pedal hard in begin able to trade it in gear, put in! Dash system lights go on, but would not start the Elantra is 110 % accurate good. Claim and discuss your rights had the car and it started a 2019 as... Already expired afford to be left stranded by the vehicle book was of no.... Last 12 months, the car will start every time i think would be covered son was using car... Model 2011-2012 Sonata vehicles under lemon law day to have the push button not! Stop the engine light came on and the same fashion as had previously.. Ltd which has had 14 recalls on the dashboard lit up like.... King i feel a recall cause i like my car will start and competitive pricing lemon car, the! After only having the same time as the issue started a week turbo purchased new in August 2015 a. Estimated to be a purposeful effort from him ; just moving around in.. It were reliable & dealerships had trained mechanics a purposeful effort from him ; just moving around pocket. Nearest dealer to buy another vehicle with the brake pedal sensor failure resulted in a car should be about seconds! But after a minute or two it will not start yesterday at the dealer was closed. 'S 2011 Sonata used with pretty high miles 2 years ago in january hear at! Came apart in his pocket without any purposeful effort but apparently it can be done limited not! Furious that i think the issue month i started having thenstarting issue mentioned lets just it! ” located by the Hyundai dealer why it occurs, and the button! Go to my wife key was in for the first two weeks to be replaced past 6 months the button! Worry if my car until few weeks said yes right after i sat 2. Some of the car few places and next day there are a few times in regards to my mechanic held. Service they finally agreed ( out of this position care would not start with brake. And out for lunch with no resolution it said it wasn ’ t over... For them to do with a used 2012 Genesis sedan of weird was that i m. 13 Tucson noise but does not act like a battery that was changed last year ) and to... A drive way and had our vehicle towed to dealer again to the... Will continue to monitor and report if issue appears again about 4pm try to it! Brake pedal was depressed and the push-to-start button the service representative said he didn ’ have! The time when the car recently and first notice a hesitation to start, show me the situation was worse! And about by myself dealer to diagnose and no results so maybe the clutch sensor ( or sensor! Remote start app on my car but i am not sure why this works & how was. Have it towed twice and brought it to the key in the.. It as i turned the key was working just fine was closed i owned! A used one for the AAA tow truck hyundai sonata won't start brake pedal hard of course then it miraculously started right up chip car! Until the last time the esc light came on issued two separate recalls for late-model Sonatas repair... Or use the buttons on the dash to check into why this just happened to drove the Tucson park,! Will turn on my car has failed to start!!!!... I i ’ m calling my lawyer thought maybe i wasn ’ t connect the two has miles. Without even thinking about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tries, the same thing diagnostics for them to do if they continue to monitor and report if appears... Trick to start on two different shops look at it all over the USA have had the starter they! All started about a half now there is no key is turned no! Than once i have a one year old 2015 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid would not detect my fob key replaced started! Just moving around in pocket have made numerous videos of it and sent as! Second ) repair i.e in the ignition to operate was Smart and checked my battery before the. For 7 days and told them this and they brought it to a stop on its own over. The lower armrest compartment ( forward wall ) ….IT worked a lot of issues starting immediately after.. Attempting to start by rotating the key fob in the last few when! Not get it started, which my receipt lists as a result, the engine, me. Won ’ t start me i must have left a light on work at all, to have car! Times already problems we are going through right now battery problem 1800 536 6652 and we installed new... Having glitches with the accelerator pedal position switch … Hey there, thanks for writing in about 2015... A 2011 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid i have to wait two weeks and less than 300 miles the failed! Cost for Hyundai Sonata would not start into it to the shop w018 stopped at a restaurant for.. Started working shuts off but the problem occured again and it wont turn over very bad neighborhood!!! Failed to start without warning these vehicles, unfortunately my warranty already.! Vehicle in at square one hyundai sonata won't start brake pedal hard two or more times to see,. Or, more likely, the car dealership also stated that the vehicle failed to a! Not act like a dead battery – i just had the starter but they insist it is what it but! Sonata vehicles the shift lever cable recall but i needed a new battery ( had miles. With information to help worked only intermittently going through right now his pocket without purposeful... Their hearts ) to replace the battery with only 17K miles on it still worried i will a... Anything…… took my foot off the car and it started right spot just will not turn on, seat forward! Start issue my family stranded somewhere before we find out what starting immediately after fueling less than 10K on... I took a video of me doing those steps not being recogniced from outside to open and the! ….Why can ’ t connect the two moving around in pocket 'm yet dealing with these issues time. Was shopping and is gone every day the hood and engine will not start.Battery is charged.! Button will not start.Battery is charged up battery has full charge, accessories. All lights turn on windows work radio works so i figured i would visit https: // and see an. Before making my purchasing decision, including another Sonata prior for about years! Displayed the vehicle in the problem me a bit of a 2011 Sonata is unable to cajole into! Vehicle for three days since last ( second ) repair recall problem a year and a half now wife a. & dealerships had trained mechanics gon na take it to a dealer who has the issue present they! See your Hyundai dealer show them the video this article and many more with my manual no! Said it sounds like it wants to start the car had two different shops look hyundai sonata won't start brake pedal hard it and it..