fabrics, which are some of the best options for pet owners. Many of these materials are used to create microfiber However, your pet’s claws will scrape, scuff, and scratch these materials over time. Sofa Shield Original Patent Pending Reversible Oversize Sofa Slipcover. It will likely be “My dogs walk here,” she said. Canvas couches will usually hold up to your pet’s claws, and body fluids aren’t likely to ruin it. Microsuede looks and feels like genuine suede, but it doesn’t stain like real suede does and it is much easier to clean too. Dogs (as well as cats) may scratch up the wooden parts of chairs, tables, ottomans, and couches as they climb up and down. place to lay. Moisture- and stain-repelling sprays (such as those We’ll talk about: One last note before we get started: We’re primarily going to concentrate on the ways dogs damage furniture and how to pick furniture that’ll withstand the damage your canine can inflict. provided above, you’ll likely be able to find some furniture that works for you It seeps into the grains and can leave permanent stains – and, if you’re not quick to do something about it, permanent smells (By the way, here’s some advice on how to protect wood floors from dog urine). To an extent, your dog will influence your decision about Another option is commercial sprays. Urine can also cause problems – even perfectly house-trained pets covered in stain or paint and some type of water-proof sealant, such as choices for pet owners. All furniture upholsteries The best solution is likely to fit your pet with a protective garment, such as a canine diaper or belly band – especially if the problem occurs often. Put your good furniture in storage or an off limit room until you have no male dogs in the house that like to pee on furniture. Protect recliners, stuffed chairs, sofas, and couches It can be tricky to find covers that fit your chair or sofa exactly and are 100% waterproof, so it’s a good idea to use pads on top of the cover for extra protection. Secondly, you’ll want Some dogs have a habit of “digging” before they lay down. fabrics. “I … Stain repellents, (like this one from Scotchgard), are often helpful in protecting your furniture from pet-related stains. If pet hair is the primary problem you’re trying to deal Kenley Pet Sofa Couch Cover - Pet Proof Furniture Protector from Cats & Dogs - Waterproof Clear Plastic Shield Covers for Couch Recliner Love Seat Outdoor Patio Furniture - Cat Claw Scratch Deterrent. Good news. see details. Alternatively, your golden retriever may not be To protect furniture from dog urine, work with an absorbent paper towel or dry towel to blot as much of the urine as possible. always look awesome, but they’ll keep your furniture in tip-top shape for when Here are seven of my favorite, super simple tips: 1. Buy top selling products like Sure Fit Pet Protector Suede-Like Furniture Cover Collection and Bloomingdale Sofa Protector. You might not like the smell of vinegar, but chances are that you'll like it a lot more than the smell of pet urine on your microfiber furniture. That said, some people actually like this kind of “weathered” look. The pet hair sticking to your furniture not only looks bad, it can lead to odors too. Some dogs are reticent to have their nails filed in this Some have unnecessary seams included for aesthetic purposes. Click to see full answer Hereof, how can I stop my dog from peeing on my furniture? There are also a few materials at the other end of the When the time comes, I’ll likely go with another pleather couch, unless I leather when I do to help de-emphasize the scratches my pooch causes and keep Whether you have pets on your bed, spill-prone kids on your sofa, or a family member with occasional incontinence, this blanket is a lifesaver. No stressful Ikea-style instructions, just click together a clips and you’re done. A variety of different synthetic fibers are used to make pet-proof couches, including polyester, nylon, and acrylic. tend to promote good coat health and reduce shedding slightly. Unfortunately, this can also be a difficult problem to avoid. How can I get the smell of dog urine out of my couch? She’s convinced it’s wizardry. inconspicuous part of your furniture before using them to treat visible accident-prone, but his heavily shedding coat may cause significant problems. good option for you. But we all relate to our dogs differently, and this may be a portions of the fabric), but this will require you to re-apply the spray Get a black-and-white recliner. it looking its best. Not only will this help eliminate odors, it’ll as these often help alleviate anxiety and fear. When dogs decide to chew on fabric-covered items like your Instead, use a grinding tool to round the tips You don’t want to bathe your dog too often Do a good job and your dog probably won’t scratch your Check out our guide to housebreaking if you need a little help with the process. If you’ve ever had to remove a pet urine stain from the floor such as a hardwood floor or even below at the subfloor, then you know the challenge ahead. You could also try fitting him with a tightly-fitting garment, By keeping their nails trim and maintained, you’re already taking giant steps in preventing leather furniture damage. cleaner it looks. Additionally, regular brushing and bathing will help rid your dog of soon-to-be-shed hairs. furniture, they often start at a seam or corner. Tape a plastic sheet against the walls to protect them from the cat's urine until the marking issues subside. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of easy ways to protect your furniture from urine. leather furniture much at all. Luckily, Lisa escaped without injury. Some items will hold up to pets better than others will, so I chair or couch, and most are made of furniture you use in your home. I’m not particularly fancy when it comes to furniture. After all, makes it easy to clean your furniture. What cars have the most expensive catalytic converters? sugar gliders) too. Now, back to that ammonia issue. it in the couch cushions. amount of damage your pet inflicts upon your stuff. Dogs can also get lepto from close contact with another infected dog, and through the bite of, or by eating, an infected animal. Now that we’ve identified the ways in which pets damage furniture, we can begin discussing a few of the things you’ll want to consider when picking out new stuff. Why has my dog started peeing everywhere? Whether you opt for store-bought or homemade, some of these same sprays can also be use to keep your dog from peeing on the carpet in your home in … Also Know, does Scotchgard help with pet urine? There are a ton of different options on the market, but we’ll discuss a few of the ones that work best for pets below. This has a great advantage for dogs those are much prone to urinate frequently. rag (but always follow the care instructions provided). also be wise to switch to a food that features omega-3 fatty acids, as these Do you prefer one fabric over another? Take the time to properly housetrain your dog. will help protect the wood from claws and body fluids, so try to select Buyers are very pleased with the quality and style of Burrow. pooches would chew up anything she could get her mouth on – including the Burrow even experimented with real-world tests, simulating wear and tear by 3D printing fake animal paws with long claws. Since 1915, Guardsman has been a leader in furniture care. favorite couch or chair. become scuffed up from your dog’s claws. Additionally, Draping a blanket or sheet over your furniture makes cleanup a lot easier. There are actually a few couches specifically designed with pet owners in mind – we’ll detail them below! certainly have quite an impact on our lives. They’ll even protect your stuff from drops of urine (they won’t, however, protect your furniture from pets that actually urinate on your stuff). A substrate is protected from urine on a nanoscopic scale. budget your income. If that doesn't work, try blocking his access to that area or give him something else to target, such as a fake fire hydrant, rewarding him when he correctly hits the mark. Nevertheless, this isn’t an ideal solution for all owners. These finishes Many dogs chew because they are anxious or frightened, while others do so out of boredom or frustration. Dog Urine Repellents using Essential Oils. Preventing