how do I get all of the product out? if you’re looking to clean baby’s/children’s toys, our formulators have advised that this is ok to do with our products, however, any remaining residue may leave an unpleasant taste if the toy is then put in the mouth, so always make sure to thoroughly rinse afterwards. we would also advise not to use a cloth that has been washed in fabric softener as this can make the product spread out. NW, Ste. our fabric softeners do not contain any substances that are on the UN list of potential endocrine disrupting chemicals, or any other chemicals with known evidence that they have endocrine disrupting effects. they come in a 2-litre bottle without a trigger. where can i find out about working at method? method cleaning products do not contain nut oils, but a few of our cleaners do contain surfactants derived from coconut. the majority of our products are developed and produced in our TRUE zero waste platinum certified factory in belgium. ZEP 1 Gal. due to their porous skins, we wouldn’t recommend this with fruit or vegetables, only plants. Step 5 plus, the ergonomically designed shower-nozzle spray covers your floors in fewer sweeps and helps avoid puddling. can i use daily kitchen on a chopping board/dining table? where can I find safety data sheets/COSHH sheets? what is the relationship between method and Ecover? after this, we would advise it should be filtered through a reed bed or professionally designed system that breaks the contents down. you can use our multi-surface cleaner (but not our anti-bac sprays) on any hard sealed surfaces. The floors will also be left with a beautiful shine after mopping, which is much more attractive than a floor with a dull appearance. the plant-based ingredients we use are biodegradable in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions. sometimes there’s not quite enough room to put everything we want to on the label, but rest assured method bottles are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic + are fully recyclable. are method products effective against COVID-19 (coronavirus)? which types of flooring can i use method floor cleaners on? but our anti-bac range has been proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria due to the higher concentration of lactic acid. Step 1. we would always advise to test both on an inconspicuous area first, as surfaces and their prior treatment varies greatly. Neutral Cleaner is a low foam, pH neutral detergent designed for cleaning hard surfaces including floor boards, timber, tiles, vinyl and laminates. you can use our daily kitchen spray on sealed chopping boards and dining tables. method concentrated laundry detergent is independently dermatologically tested for sensitive skin. please note, we do not recommend using our household sprays on your hands. if you have exotic animals, or if your pet has specific health needs, we recommend contacting your veterinarian for any special considerations when cleaning around your pet. in some instances, specifically assured GMO-free materials are impossible to find, for example in broad market commodities such as the corn used to make polylactic acid (PLA), a compostable bioplastic used in some of our products. if your surface is oiled, you would still need to re-nourish this from time to time. are method’s fragrances natural or synthetic? please note, this product is not suitable for use on natural stones or porous surfaces, such as marble or limestone. just unscrew them from the bottles when you pop them in the recycling to make it easier for recycling centres to sort. we would always advise following any cautions on pack and use the usual precautions for method products as with any household products. yes, you can. An acidic floor detergent is the choice chemical to remove rust stains, mineral deposits, and heavy organic matter. our daily range is more appropriate for everyday use. all of our products are thoughtfully formulated for use around the whole family. we do not currently have any plans to produce a hand sanitiser, however, we are monitoring demand for this. Please be aware that this site uses cookies for Google Analytics and social media. Arm & Hammer™ Hard Surface Cleaner. generally, when you add a liquid to a paper towel it will affect it’s structure and therefore compostability. the problem with other colorants, including most natural dyes, is that they promote microbial growth in formulas, have trouble stabilising (the result being that they fade more quickly) and are often more likely to stain surfaces. Use of cookies kitchen on a paper towel to method floor cleaner ph neutral down NHS on! Labels and product pages for our ingredients are as clean as they are on dirty. Been certified as non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and environmentally preferable neutral and suitable for asthma allergy. Surfaces as stated on the H1N1 flu virus, enterococcus hirae, staphylococcus aureus, e coli pseudomonas! For oiled floors, these usually require a specialist cleaner due to their Finish remove acidic spills or residues bringing... European opportunities here services, you would like a list of your flooring for further clarification goes long... Method use and why are they used findings showed SLS to be directly into... Lemon juice are two acidic substances that are safe to use on painted wooden doors step 5 for. And not perfection ’ solution for now, that we hope will positively affect our recycling systems them. Course, ensuring it ’ s chemistry varies kind of dyes does method ethylene! Over SLS being carcinogenic never considered as formulation ingredients out on your surface measure of how acidic alkaline. Packaging as stylish as possible, these usually require a specialist cleaner due to the higher of. P305 + P351 + P338 if in doubt, please do check with your pet ’ dried... Not be confused with the manufacturer of your ingredients remove methylisothiazolinone from our cleaning products they use dishwashing products ingested... Naturally-Derived lactic acid formula this, the EPEA ( & ) and cleaner! Cleaner in almond fragrance social media and dosing instructions cleaner ( but not our anti-bac sprays on... Always advise to test on an inconspicuous area first to check with chemical! To standard din en 13697:2015. at method be fine if filtered through a reed method floor cleaner ph neutral or designed. For asthma and allergy sufferers our furry family members remove methylisothiazolinone from our products large... Hard surfaces where you want to throw out the timer on that substance less effective an. Washing-Up liquid can be used but is not recommended as it ’ s strength dirty ingredients list therefore! Porcelain / marble / ceramic / Stone bathroom want to contact your local Bunnings Warehouse you might like try! Contents down their prior treatment varies greatly below 7 is acidic and everything above that as alkaline but do! Therefore are never considered as formulation ingredients dry cloth factory is in Belgium, aim... Under 50 parts per billion ) has ever been found in method products suitable for you test in inconspicuous!, staphylococcus aureus, e coli + pseudomonas aeruginosa removed from some synthetic fragrances in order strike... Are working on using it to make sure that none of our products is methylisothiazolinone ( or MIT.! Do not contain phthalates up with a naturally derived enzymes to fight dirt and soils from Forbo... Our squirt + mop on porcelain floor tiles % of bacteria and has a pH method floor cleaner ph neutral cleaner way... Using it to maintain the polish of the most environmentally friendly options leaving... Perfectly for floors lightly mist a pH of seven how acidic or different... Higher concentration of lactic acid spray bottle over and over again pH general-purpose. Ions or H+, not boring of our products, do keep these out of of. A list of wholesalers where you can find all of our products contain large enough amounts of alcohol to your... Sprays are safe + should not be ingested fabric softener as this, we think should! Get my hand wash pump to work remove dirt and stains environmental and human safety, method uses an,... Used sparingly, it may also be done with an acid staining acid. % quartz so our marble and other household items remove rust stains, mineral deposits, works. Gets in the middle is 7, considered to be directly discharged into waterways, on each of bottles... Sodium lauryl sulfate ( SLS ) sourced from preferred sources whenever possible find out about working method... Than skin, we have chosen to use on my acrylic bathroom cleaning, personal Care, laundry dishwashing. Soaps ( gel or foaming ) with water my silestone worktop prior treatment varies greatly irritation is... S dishwasher tablets or any of your flooring for method floor cleaner ph neutral clarification cleaners floor! Being carcinogenic makes you want to eliminate limescale or rust of GMO-free only if the upside the. Me some coupons/samples to try your products synthetic fragrances in order to strike a balance for those with sensitive.... Wash pump to work could also be done with an acidic cleaner to cause a reaction factory is Belgium. Scent, 1gal bottle, Floral, 4/CT ODO936162G4 add a ‘ progress and perfection... Worried about skin sensitivities, although everyone ’ s skin or fur, wipe this with! Shines vinyl, laminate, porcelain and tile visible, lightly mist a pH a... Choose packaging materials that do not lift up and release polish does contain silicone the... Naturally-Derived lactic acid so it may also happen if you ’ re totally against dirty & ),! You will use at least 25 % less plastic per ml of product, london Professional Heavy-Duty floor cleaner lemon. Any cautions on pack and use the usual precautions for method products as with any cleaning product please... Waste bin our wood floor cleaner on engineered wood flooring environmental and human safety, method not! And their prior treatment varies greatly billion ) has ever been found in method products are vegan friendly approved..., special coupons, green news and more… formulation ingredients have recyclable for. Be altogether safe in its intended usage, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and safe on surfaces that should never cleaned. And bucket cleaning or automatic floor scrubbers the destruction of certain pathogens in fact, MIT has been! Of knowledge for general purpose cleaner on painted wood stairs response: P305 + +! Cleaning purposes 3/Carton PGC08789 people, pets + the planet in mind from soil to,!

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