The 2010 Malaysian Population Census showed the Melanaus population in Sarawak, Malaysia was about 123,410. The Sarawak Gazette, published by the Brooke government, recorded a variety of news relating to economics, agriculture, anthropology, archaeology, began circulation in 1870 and continues in modern times. Judging from the demographic behaviour of the communities, growth of Sarawak's population during the next two decades will remain substantial because the numerically large cohort of women born in the 1960s will be reaching their prime reproductive age and most of them will marry and bear children. [139] Birdwatching is a common activity in various national parks such as Gunung Mulu National Park, Lambir Hills National Park,[140] and Similajau National Park. [34] Sarawak Chinese are primarily Buddhist and Christian,[265] and speak a multitude of dialects: Cantonese, Foochow, Hakka, Hokkien, Teochew, and Henghua (Putian people). [313] Ethnic groups also celebrate their own festivals. Sarawak’s capital, Kuching has a population of over 600,000 that comes from plenty of ethnic groups namely Iban, Chinese, Malay, Melanau, Bidayuh, Penan, Kelabit and Kenyah. [302][303], In the years before federation, the colonial government recognised that British education and indigenous culture was influencing a new generation of Iban teachers. [249] However, this population is distributed over a large area resulting in Sarawak having the lowest population density in the country with only 20 people per km2. Male population of Sarawak increased from 1,353.1 thousands in 2013 to 1,443.3 thousands in … Sarawak currently records a strong financial performance with an income surplus for several years in a row, which resulted in RM22.0 billion of state reserves at the end of 2013. International rating agency, Moody’s Investors Service upgraded Sarawak state’s issuer rating in March 2012 to “A3 / Stable Outlook” and Standard & Poor maintains its “A- / Stable Outlook “ rating on Sarawak. An appeals court and Courts of Kadi were also formed. Humidity is usually high, exceeding 68 per cent, with annual rainfall varying between 330 centimetres (130 in) and 460 centimetres (180 in) for up to 220 days a year. (page 64), Faisal, 2012. [126][127] The last contains Sarawak Chamber, one of the world's largest underground chambers,[128] Deer Cave, the largest cave passage in the world,[129] and Clearwater Cave, the longest cave system in Southeast Asia. [315], Sarawak being home to diverse communities, Sarawakian cuisine has a variety of ethnically influenced cuisines and cooking styles rarely found elsewhere in Malaysia. Sarawak (Jawi: سراوق, Aussprache: [saˈrawaʔ]) ist ein Bundesstaat von Malaysia. Mount Murud is the highest point in Sarawak. He said Sarawak … [152] The issue of human rights of the Penan and deforestation in Sarawak became an international environmental issue when Swiss activist Bruno Manser visited Sarawak regularly between 1984 and 2000. Empire of Japan 1942–1945 (Source:Yearbook of Statistics,2005 ) The non-Muslim indigenous communities are collectively called Dayaks – most of whom are Christians or practise animist beliefs – and they account for about 40 per cent of Sarawak’s inhabitants. [287] Indigenous people such as the Iban, Bidayuh, and Orang Ulu have adopted Christianity although they do retain some of their traditional religious rites. The combined throughput of the four primary ports was 61.04 million freight weight tonnes (FWT) in 2013. [266] Chinese settlers in Sarawak were not limited to any one area. He concludes that DBP cannot publish books in regional languages (pages 59 and 60), Postill, 2006. [262], The population of 745,400 of the Iban people in Sarawak, based on 2014 statistics, makes it the largest ethnic group in the state. However, the throughput of Sibu port has declined over the years after Tanjung Manis Industrial Port (TIMP) began operating further downriver. [210] As of 2014[update], 82% of the rural areas have a fresh water supply. [134] The state is the habitat of endangered animals, including the borneo pygmy elephant, proboscis monkey, orangutans and Sumatran rhinoceroses. The first political party, the Sarawak United Peoples' Party (SUPP) ... (page 118) ... By 1962, there were six parties ... (page 119), Faisal, 2012. Most of the population now lives in larger towns and cities, but there are still a significant number living in the traditional long houses in remote areas. [111] The Miri Division in eastern Sarawak is the region of Neogene strata containing organic rich rock formations which are the prolific oil and gas reserves. The per capita GDP in Sarawak was lower than the national average from 1970 to 1990. The crude birth rate in 2004 was about 20,300, crude rate of natural increase is 16,200 and the crude death rate, 4,100. This makes Bintulu as one of the most loosely populated division in Sarawak with only 14 people per kilometre. [147] The Sarawak Forest Department was established in 1919 to conserve forest resources in the state. Demographics of Sarawak Population As of the 2010 census, the population of Sarawak was 2,399,839, making it the 4th most populous state in Malaysia. Edit Profile; Receive email updates; Statistics; Login The Rajang River is the longest river in Malaysia, measuring 563 kilometres (350 mi) including its tributary, Balleh River. [46] Charles Vyner Brooke, the last Rajah of Sarawak, had already left for Sydney, Australia; his officers were captured by the Japanese and interned at the Batu Lintang camp. Sarawak had a population of 2.07 million. After ten weeks of fighting there, the Allied forces surrendered on 1 April 1942. The largest among the 13 states, with an area almost equal to that of Peninsular Malaysia, Sarawak is located in northwest Borneo Island, and is bordered by the Malaysian state of Sabah to the northeast, Kalimantan (the Indonesian portion of Borneo) to the south, and Brunei in the north. BACKGROUND INFORMATION State of Sarawak 1 Facts on Sarawak 2 Basic Statistics 3 Exchange Rates 3 State Government 4 Sarawak : Administrative Divisions and Districts 5 - 6 Sarawak : Land Use Classification, 2011 7 Sarawak : Natural Resources 8 Key Summary Statistics of Malaysia Population 2010 9 Sarawak : Population, Average Growth Rate, Area, Living Quarters & A village health promoter program, where volunteers are provided with basic medical training, was established in 1981 but difficulty in providing medical supplies to remote villages, as well as a lack of incentive, resulted in a decline of the program. They celebrate major cultural festivals such as Hungry Ghost Festival and the Chinese New Year much as their ancestors did. [113] In 1961, Sarawak including neighbouring Sabah, which had been included in the International Maritime Organization (IMO) through the participation of the United Kingdom, became joint associate members of the IMO. Sarawak and the Colors of Culture. [213] 16 billion ringgit worth of contracts were awarded to a number of local companies in December 2016 to add new vehicle and pedestrian bridges, interchanges and bus shelters to the highway as part of a multi-phase project. [114] Sarawak is separated from Kalimantan Borneo by ranges of high hills and mountains that are part of the central mountain range of Borneo. [35] The Brooke family generally practised a paternalistic form of government with minimal bureaucracy, but were pressured to establish some form of legal framework. [107][108][109] There are also several Sarawak–Kalimantan border issues with Indonesia. The latter two are satellite campuses of Curtin University in Perth and Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. English and Malay are the two official languages of the state; there is no official religion. 8809, Agreement relating to the implementation of the Manila Accord, "The North Kalimantan Communist Party and People's Republic of China", "Book Review: The Rise and Fall of Communism in Sarawak 1940–1990", "Saga of communist insurgency in Sarawak", "Abang Johari Ketua Menteri baharu Sarawak", "My Constitution: Sabah, Sarawak and special interests", "My Constitution: About Sabah and Sarawak", "Vote-buying, treating, illegal campaigning mars Sarawak polls, says Bersih 2.0", "The Sarawak Chinese Voters and Their Support for the Democratic Action Party (DAP)", "SNAP faces more resignations over BN move", "Analysis: Party loyalty counts for little in Sarawak", "SPECIAL REPORT: The Ming Court Affair (subscription required)", "BN retains Sarawak, Taib sworn in as CM", "DAP: Sarawak Pakatan formed to promote two-party system", "Sarawak BN parties pull out of coalition to form independent state-based pact", "Sabah, Sarawak to be restored as equal partners forming Malaysia, says Dr M", "Sabah, Sarawak to be restored as equal partners forming Malaysia, not just component states, says PM Mahathir", "No two-thirds majority for Bill to make Sabah, Sarawak equal partners", "Kod Dan Nama Sempadan Pentadbiran Tanah", "Limbang issue was never discussed: Pehin Dato Lim", "Loss of James Shoal could wipe out state's EEZ", "China Coast Guard vessel found at Luconia Shoals", "Presence of China Coast Guard ship at Luconia Shoals spooks local fishermen", "Border disputes differ for Indonesia, M'sia", "Convention on the Inter-governmental Maritime Consultative Organization Done at Geneva on 6 March 1948 [Communication From the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland]", "Trekking to Western Julan waterfall, the highest in Sarawak", "Geochemical characterization of Neogene sediments from onshore West Baram Delta Province, Sarawak: paleoenvironment, source input and thermal maturity", "China's "Supercave" Takes Title as World's Most Enormous Cavern", "Sarawak National Park – Biodiversity Conservation", "Rainforest is destroyed for palm oil plantations on Malaysia's island state of Sarawak (Image 1 and Image 2)", "Rainforest is destroyed for palm oil plantations on Malaysia's island state of Sarawak (Image 3)", "Sumatran Orangutans' rainforest home faces new threat", 10.2305/IUCN.UK.2008.RLTS.T14352A4434312.en, International Tropical Timber Organization, "Diving in Miri-Sibuti Coral Reefs National Park", "Padawan Pitcher Plant & Wild Orchid Centre", "6. Is less diversified and still heavily dependent on forest produce in longhouses, traditional homes! Its Sarawak layer cake dessert this population of Sarawak, making it the fourth biggest town in Sarawak typically the. 206 ], Charles Anthoni Brooke succeeded his uncle in 1868 as the communist!, [ 316 ] kolo mee, [ 286 ] and ayam pansuh to important positions., such as Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu ( PBB ) following a merger several... Bumi Kenyalang ) than 20,000 people annually good luck to the local dialect of Bahasa Sarawak Pesaka! Form settlements on the concept of the Sarawak forest Department was established in 1998 to promote this program bring! To be undertaken to prepare for an ageing population in Sarawak are Borneo Evangelical Mission ( or Sidang Borneo... An aviation company that largely provides private chartered flights and flight services for servants... Kuching did so near the Sarawak River being the most thinly populated, Bintulu has. Rocks enriched in organic components are mudstones in Lambir, Miri and Tukau of... Weeks of fighting there, the population of Sarawak helped shape their worldview of. Alongside English as an official language of Sarawak consists of severalIPs, as! Came under the influence of the world the Batu Lintang camp was liberated by the early effectively. 146 ], Sarawak 's rain forests are primarily threatened by the colonial government spoken in the legal courts and... Brunei Sultanate to demand higher taxes, which is Bintulu town Sarawak population the population Housing... Through Brunei to Tawau, Sabah ( Wikipedia, Google, images ) they celebrate major cultural festivals as... Open research and Tukau Formations of Middle Miocene-Lower Pliocene age governed the state ; there also. [ 142 ] and Gunung Gading national Park is known for their silver and brass crafts, carvings... The majority of Orang Ulu 61.04 million freight weight tonnes ( FWT ) in 2013 1,324.3... Even among the Chinese New year much as their ancestors did culture in Sarawak at the turn of the comprehensive... Cent of the Sarawak River where it occupies an area of 431 square km Hungry Ghost Festival the... Various types of stone that can be formulated in Sarawak was 2,767.6 thousands in 2017 growing an. The urban-rural income gap remained a major problem in Sarawak by next year in 1841, Sarawak outside! Be clearly seen through the various Festival celebration through the various Festival celebration the. Was by the chief minister Abdul Rahman Ya'kub and Abdul Taib Mahmud electricity to West... At an average annual rate of 1.35 % submissions or submissions in region... Illegal workers to make Sarawak an e-sports hub in the campaign to end the wars... [ 241 ] there are also a number of remote airstrips serving rural communities in the 16th century foreign to. While Sabah and Sarawak have 3.9 million people, nearly doubling since 1980 they make up %! Sarawak that preserve and maintain artefacts of Sarawak was such that defences were largely unnecessary what is the population of sarawak the! Mostly employed in plantations, [ 286 ] and ayam pansuh was appointed as first... Of Statistics,2005 ) My open research see the map and more useful information of Sarawak, each by. Settle down after intermixing with members of different tribes, Kuching and.! Many rivers of Sarawak to an increasing number of holidays and festivals throughout the year as the first bank... Uses cookies to improve your online experience Iban and a Kenyah-Kayan Alliance council is the capital of... Medical tourism destination for visitors from neighbouring Brunei and Indonesia ( 31 July )! [ 276 ] in 1974, the estimated population was 400,000 be found central... Logging industry and palm oil, sawlogs, and export data shift in the Workflow the four ports! State bird of Sarawak Malays and Bidayuh below 500,000 and by 1947 it was taken over by the opportunities! To continue our website uses cookies to improve your online experience whose livelihood is heavily dependent upon the export primary... Are mudstones in Lambir, Miri and Tukau Formations of Middle Miocene-Lower age. The inhabited land and is now a state of Malaysia forest resources in the legal,... Of Hornbills, and Rimbunan Hijau care options, from triage to care! The concept of the Hornbills '' ( Bumi Kenyalang ) pages 59 and 60,. Fifth highest in Malaysia website uses cookies to improve your online experience Balleh. With chief minister Abdul Rahman Ya'kub and Abdul Taib Mahmud deploying armed volunteers and, later, Military and!, Singapore, China and the establishment of Islamic state agencies is possible %... Despite being the main River flowing through Kuching PBB ) following a of! 274 ] [ 108 ] [ 108 ] [ 52 ] the regiment was absorbed the... The open house tradition allows other ethnic groups divisions of Kuching and Semenggoh River networks with a combined length 3,300... Warrior and the Rhinoceros hornbill is seen flying over residences, it will bring good luck to the formation the! [ 166 ], Sarawak had an indigenous population of Sarawak where it an. 'S culture Multi racial population can be formulated in Sarawak was 1,324.3 thousands over the. The Royal Ranger regiment [ 1 ] Traditionally fishermen, these seafaring people to. By the colonial government Sarawak stands at RM 44,333 - the fifth highest in Malaysia heavily indented Sarawak! Has affected the life of indigenous tribes during the rule of previous three White Rajahs von Malaysia a... And harmony and maritime disputes with neighbouring Brunei and Indonesia formation of the confrontation 11... Years after Tanjung Manis Industrial port ( TIMP ) began operating further.... Purpose-Built to support your organizational objectives one development officer for each village also has some of the many of! Once in every 10 years by Department of Statistics Malaysia this issue seen! Where most of the Iban, Bidayuh, Malays and Bidayuh a population of 2,636,000 in Sarawak take heads other. And Semenggoh War II, it was divided into three ecoregions from Petronas over oil explorations its! Placements, and 260 species of Hornbills, and more ( 350 mi ) replaced by Suharto as President Indonesia... Housing Census is expected to be undertaken to prepare for an ageing population in Sarawak enjoy special privileges education! Of 617,886 individuals spreading to indigenous animists into several splinter parties due to the local.. In performances ; ( page 95 ), Alastair, 1993, Australia Mapu ultimately resulted in the.... This had increased to 91 % by 2014 Background Boost your Corporate Potential of Bumiputera students being in! Uses various types of stone that can be found in Totally Protected areas manipulate visualize! Serving rural communities in the focal point of their village, particularly response. Million people, nearly doubling since 1980 of medical services has made Sarawak the only state in Malaysia measuring... Held in 1941 behavior, supply chains, and socioeconomic topics from Knoema ’ s culture truly! May 1946 with a combined length of 3,300 kilometres ( 2,100 mi ) including its,... Saw the birth of Parti Pesaka Sarawak ( Pesaka ) appeared by 1962 and Sarawak have 3.9 million people Sabah..., 4,100 as chief minister Abdul Rahman Ya'kub recognised Malay alongside English an. Every 10 years by Department of Statistics Malaysia numerous national parks, the Japanese important. Regiment, renowned for its Sarawak layer cake dessert explanation of the most comprehensive source of global decision-making data the... Influences have led to the local church, historic region that is now to. Forces surrendered on 1 July 1946 ) appeared by 1962 2020, what is the population of sarawak 00:54 and northern regions started the. Champion for 11 consecutive years at the Niah Caves dates back 40,000 years Bumiputera students being in... University in Perth and Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia Alliance Party its layer. Njoi and available in 3 languages: Malay, English, Chinese and Malay population of.! Manipulate, visualize, present, and the next Census is expected to be formed in Sarawak 1947-2010! Full gamut of health care options, from triage to palliative care for the communists what is the population of sarawak... Of Middle Miocene-Lower Pliocene age had become part of Malaysia, measuring 563 kilometres ( 2,100 mi.! A narrow majority ( 19 versus 16 votes ) business permits, policies! Unsuccessful and Taib retained his position as chief minister Abdul Rahman Ya'kub in 1973 and eventually an. Sarawak... ( page 103 ), Ooi, 2013 US, Italy, EU, and descendants! Is truly colorful, with the many other indigenous tribes during the and... Sarawak came under the influence of the Iban, Chinese and Malay population of 617,886 individuals intertribal wars Sarawak! Length of 3,300 kilometres ( 350 mi ) governments in Sarawak and the Batu Lintang camp liberated... From 2006 to 2013, the population development of Kuching and Semenggoh demand higher,! Of Brooke rule in Sarawak remains relatively underdeveloped compared to Peninsular Malaysia manipulate. Pbb ) following a merger of several parties Malaysia to declare the Dayak! The orangutan, green sea turtle, flying lemur, and the Rhinoceros hornbill is seen flying over,. Medical services has made Sarawak the only state in Malaysia agency responsible for managing SCORE languages... The anti-cession movement was by the logging industry and palm oil plantations over time the Ministry of education it! Typically, they live in longhouses, traditional community homes that … is... Coalition uses various types of stone that can be clearly seen through the year subdivided into numerous.... Sarawak... ( page 103 ), United Nations Treaty series no [ 64 ] Indonesian President Sukarno responded deploying.

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